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Tasting notes: Fresh coconut water and flesh are blended together with Blue Majik (algae). Coconut is the most prominent flavour carrying the blue-green algae.

This mylk is a winning combination of coconut flesh, coconut water and Blue Majik.

Coconut flesh is full of good fats – particularly MTCs (medium-chain triglycerides - a form of saturated fatty acid) which boost our brain’s cognitive abilities and functions. Good fats in coconut also boost metabolism and increase energy levels, since our body is more likely to convert this fat to fuel that is used straight away, rather than store it. 

Coconut flesh also kills disease-causing bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses because of the anti-microbial effects of its fatty acids, and is known to lower cholesterol. 

Coconut water is full of electrolytes - the perfect way to rehydrate and replace them after exercising and working up a sweat. It helps detox the body, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and muscle tension and will also, like coconut flesh, boost energy and aid weight loss.


Blue Majik is a blue-green algae which contains a higher concentration of C-Phycocyanin (PC), the blue pigment, than other blue-green algaes. The colour blue is extremely rare in nature, taking it one step further than green compounds which will only penetrate as far as your blood. The blue compounds in this algae will penetrate as far as your stem cells and bone marrow, making it the deepest penetrating compound known to humans.

• increases brain alertness and memory recall
• decreases inflammation all around the body
• revitalises you from a cellular level, meaning your energy levels are increased
• helps regenerate and build cells, powered by your stem cells
• contains a full spectrum, bioavailable multi-vitamin: a natural multi-vitamin which is readily absorbed by the human body, unlike synthetic ones, which are barely absorbed at all