This cleanse is for those that are new to cleansing and want to ease themselves into detoxification. This is a gentler detox with a full gamut of taste sensations with no restrictions - it's also a good one for those who aren’t really fans of green juice.

Superfluid Me is designed to reset, rest and repair your system and boost your immunity, vitality and energy levels.

Your body will receive the optimum in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, good fats, proteins and enzymes it requires. It also guarantees to keep your motivation levels up as you experience a range of delicious gourmet flavours, taste and texture sensations. 




DAYS 1,4,7

Morning glory • Fire me up • Vedic yogi • Hard Core  • Movin' On out • Blue lagoon • Spice it up • Vegetable broth 

DAYS 2,5

Movin' On out • Fire me up • Vedic yogi • Hot root • Spice it up  • Morning glory • Choccy Mylk • Vegetable broth 

DAYS 3,6

Morning glory • Movin' On out • Blue lagoon • Fire me up • Spice it up • Hot root • Choccy Mylk • Vegetable broth 

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