This is a more thorough and intensive detox for those who are experienced in juice cleansing. This cleanse incorporates more green juices, more vegetables and good fats and low amounts of fruit in order to flood your system with a high amount of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and enzymes needed to accelerate a greater and deeper level of detoxification and cleansing.

This is the perfect reset, rebalance, re-calibration and clean out for your body to leave you looking and feeling amazing and on top of your game, with so much energy and vitality, power and strengthened immunity.




DAYS 1,4,7

Hard core  Hot root  Green energy  Hard core  Spice it up  Blue Lagoon  Fire me up  Vegetable broth 

DAYS 2,5

Morning glory • Hard core • Vedic Yogi • Hard core • Hot root • Fire me up • Choccy Mylk  Vegetable broth 

DAYS 3,6

Hard core • Spice it up • Green energy • Hard Core • Hot root • Fire me up • Blue lagoon • Vegetable broth 


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