We have found that adding nut and seed mylks to a cleanse optimises the results. It’s a known fact that your body needs good fats to keep your brain and energy levels fired up and your metabolism working optimally. Good fats are also known to reduce hunger and ward off cravings. This is vital for fuelling, feeding, nourishing and keeping your body well oiled throughout the cleanse period. We have included at least one coconut based mylk/water based juice into each day as the electrolytes in the coconut water are another vital thing to add into a cleanses when you are potentially losing minerals and salts through increased urination and sweating due to detoxification. Our mylks also have the benefit of offering our body a different variety of flavours, textures and taste profiles on the cleanse to keep you motivated, they can also be treated as little 'treat' or reward as they often feel more filling and substantial.

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