Delivery & Returns



For 1 & 3 day juice cleanses our delivery fee is $19.00

For 5 day juice cleanses you will require two deliveries, total fee $36.00

For 7 day juice cleanses you will require three deliveries, total fee $45.00

For orders 18km and further from the CBD please email us so we can advise of additional delivery charges.

To be eligible for delivery, there is a minimum spend of $40.00 per delivery.


Superfluid cleanses are delivered on Monday and Thursday evenings between 5pm - 9pm.

Orders need to be in by 2.00pm the day prior to your selected delivery date to guarantee we can meet your request.


Our drivers will do the following:  1. Knock on Door  2. Call the Mobile number provided 3.  (if no answer) Text the number.  Once these steps have been done with no response, the delivery person will then leave the cleanse pack either at your front door or reception desk of the address given.



1. We strive for accurate delivery times; however, delivery times may be delayed due to unforeseen road and/or courier delays.

2. For next day delivery, orders must be placed and confirmed by the cut off times outlined above, as our production works to strict deadlines.

3. We do not offer cancellations or refunds and any changes to an order must be requested 48 hours prior to your selected delivery time.

4. If you are not at the drop off location requested for delivery (residential or commercial) your order will be left by the courier either at the door or reception.

5. Please ensure that your are aware of your delivery time and date to preserve the freshness and perishability of our products. Please refrigerate your order as soon as possible. 

6. Superfluid will not take any responsibility for any lost or stolen property.


If in the event your purchase is spoilt/rancid or breaches a consumer guarantee we will exchange the product upon presentation of your proof of purchase. This only applies to store bought products.

If the product is purchased via online and the product is spoilt, Superfluid takes no responsibility in refunding or replacing the spoilt product. The customer accepts the responsibility when purchasing the product that the Superfluid products are fragile and must be refrigerated after the product has been delivered. 

In the event that the consumer changes their mind about a product they have ordered online, Superfluid will not provide a refund or replacement for the order.

To discuss an exchange please email us or visit us at the the Superfluid store 193 Bourke street Melbourne.