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Tasting notes: A beginners green juice: a green juice that doesn’t taste overly leafy. The flavours of apple and mint take centre stage, balanced by the naturally salty celery.

The mint in this juice offers a twist on a typical green juice.


It’s easy to drink and we recommend it to those who are new to juices, particularly green juices. This juice is full of antioxidants which will savage free radicals in the body and assist in boosting immunity. 

All the green goodness in this juice will stimulate detoxification. Both the mint and the apple aid detox by increasing the bile production in the liver, which speeds up detoxification. Mint can also aid digestion and soothe an upset or nauseous stomach.

The celery is great for taming inflammation and neutralises acidity in the body, which increases the body’s natural immunity. Spinach and silverbeet are high in iron - increasing muscle output and oxygenation throughout the body to assist in powering up your energy levels.