The Hack Pack suggested daily routine

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This is a guide, not a routine that needs to be adhered to.

Times and juices orders can be changed to vary to your own individual needs, in order to suit and work in with your lifestyle. Remember this cleanse is about removing stress from your body so don’t get too worked up about a right or wrong way to do things.

Juices We suggest you have a juice/mylk every 2-3 hours throughout the day. We have attached a guide of a “suggested” ­order to try to give your body what it needs “functionally” at certain times throughout the day and to ensure a good balance of vitamins, nutrients, good fats, proteins, enzymes, minerals and tastes and flavour profiles.

We suggest you have one nut/seed mylk mid morning and the other mid arvo/dinner time or as a night time treat like a “dessert”. The nut/seed mylks are dairy-free alternatives and are primarily added to the cleanse to provide your body with good fats to keep your brain functioning optimally, to keep energy levels up, they will also ward off cravings and boost your metabolism. The nut mylks are The Blue Lagoon, Choccy Mylk and Vedic Yogi, the seed mylk is Green Energy.

We suggest you have the psyllium husks and the bentonite with each of the 5 juices (NOT with the mylks, but you can have them with water on their own too - spread through the day  as you like). You can either pour one serve of the psyllium and bentonite into the glass juice bottle and shake (after you’ve have taken a small sip to make a small amount of room in the top of the bottle), or if you prefer to “savour” the juices and do not want to effect their taste or consistency, you can pour a small amount of either juice or water into a small glass and stir it together.

Both ingredients don’t have much of a taste (Psyllium has none, Bentonite is clay, so has a slight earthy gritty taste) it's more of a “texture” and “consistency” that they both have. The thing to note is that psyllium bulks up, expands and thickens quite quickly once it is added to water so this combo needs to be drunk within 5 minutes of mixing together. We have attached a serve of these to each juice bottle as a way to simplify the processes and so you can grab one juice bottle and one serve if you are on the go.

A cup of warm water with the juice of half a lemon and schizandra should be taken first thing in the morning and towards the end of the night.

It is recommended that you drink between 2-3 litres of water a day, to achieve maximum results, to assist in eliminating and flushing toxins out of the body and to make the psyllium/bentonite combo and The New Black Doctor more effective, not to mention keeping you feeling “full”.

An easy way to achieve this is to try to drink at least one large glass of water between juices. If you forget, have a large glass prior to a juice. Carry a water bottle with you throughout the day and refill it regularly. It is suggested that you drink filtered water while on the cleanse as the purpose of the cleanse is to eliminate toxins which could likely be added to your tap water.

You can also get your water intake in by drinking herbal tea. Drink and sip on as much herbal tea as you like. Experiment with different teas to give you different taste sensations. You might like to drink teas that assist with detoxing or the flushing and elimination of fluids.

We suggest the BrainOn Supreme shot and our Superfluid Energy Potion to be taken in the morning. The Energy potion is best masked by something - i.e. in a small amount of juice/mylk, in a hot herbal tea or if you are brave or are used to taking herbs add it to a small amount of warm water and drink quickly with a sip of juice as a chaser.

The Green Doctor can be taken any time of the day. The high levels of chlorophyll in it  are particularly good at neutralizing the detox symptoms. If you feel symptoms coming on or are in the midst of a detox headache or body ache have it then.

The Quintessential 3.3 can be taken morning or afternoon. Mid arvo is probably best as this is when you may experience an afternoon slump. It is recommended that you hold the salty water in your mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing it.

The New Black Doctor is the only shot that has “rules”. It needs to be taken 1.5 hours away from any other juice, mylk, potion, shot or “hack” as it will draw the benefits of the later out of your system.

Vegetable broth we suggest you heat this up at “dinner” time. You can add sea salt, lime and a pinch or 2 of cayenne pepper or other herbs and spices and “eat” it with a spoon. The psychological effect of this is huge. We “trick” our bodies into thinking we are actually eating something. It “feels” good to add salt or cayenne pepper and spices to something, it feels good to sit down and “eat” something warm and it feels good to be eating it with a spoon! Enjoy this moment! You can actually have more liquid vegetable broth or an organic vegetable stock if you like - but make sure its organic and chemically and preservative free.

BioCeuticals Ultramuscleze is a high dose of magnesium powder. It will assist with the withdrawal headaches or body aches and pains. Have it at any time when you are experiencing theses symptoms or once in the morning and night as “prevention”.

For further information see cleansing tips


Hack Pack Suggested Timings



Wake up


Start your day with the juice of half a lemon and a serve of Schizandra


Juice 1 with Psyllium and Bentonite

BrainOn Supreme Shot

Ultra Muscleze (Magnesium Powder)


Juice 2 with Psyllium and Bentonite

Superfluid Energy Potion with a small amount of juice/mylk, herbal tea or warm water.


Nut Mylk 1

The Green Doctor


Juice 3 with Psyllium and Bentonite

Quintessentials 3.3

5.00pm with Psyllium and Bentonite

Juice 4


Vegetable broth – add lime, cayenne pepper, herbs, sea salt if you require/desire


Nut Mylk 2

Ultra Muscleze (magnesium)

8.30pm Juice 5 with Psyllium and Bentonite

9.00pm Hot water, juice of half lemon and Schizandra

10.30pm The New Black Doctor