"Superfluid’s mylks, or milk alternatives, transcend anything currently being offered up by the health and wellness market". Delicious Magazine

We are aware that a growing number of people are reactive to the range of dairy free mylks (primarily almond and cashew) that have been available up until now - sweetened with dates, they have also been prohibitive to people with nut allergies. Superfluid’s alternative, seed mylks, are made with pumpkin seeds.


Superfluid offers alternative nut mylks such as brazil nut mylk in our Choccy Mylk, coconut flesh and coconut water mylk in our Blue Lagoon, and seed mylks, made with pumpkin seeds in our Green Energy.

Our mylks are cold pressed, combining all the goodness of juices with the added benefits of healthy fats and protein from the nuts and seeds - good for brain power, stabilising blood sugar, warding off cravings, keeping the appetite satisfied, boosting metabolism and energy levels - as well as the particular benefits inherent in the nut or seed. Our mylks are rich and filling and are the perfect breakfast alternative, meal replacement or just a great healthy snack. Our prediction is that green mylks (a green juice and mylk combo) will be the next big thing.

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Brain Booster

ORGANIC: Pumpkin seed mylk (Structured reverse pumpkin Seeds), spinach, cucumber, ginger, mint, coconut nectar, Superfluid Energy Potion


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Fatigue Fighter
Brain Booster

ORGANIC: Cold pressed coffee, coconut mylk, coconut sugar, vanilla, Superfluid Brain Potion


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Mood Lift
Hormone Helper
Weight Management 

ORGANIC: Brazil nut mylk (structured water, brazil Nuts), coconut water, dates, cacao powder, cinnamon, vanilla


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Brain Power,

ORGANIC: Almond mylk (Structured water & almonds) coconut flesh, mango, turmeric juice, black pepper, cardamom,  vanilla, vegan yoghurt culture, coconut nectar, salt


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Mood Lift
Metabolism Boost

ORGANIC: Coconut water, coconut flesh,
Blue Majik