100% organic cold pressed juice is the best and most efficient way to deliver live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients straight to your blood system.  

It’s often impossible to consume large amounts of raw food - the most beneficial and nutrient dense - since eating raw vegetables is not particularly appealing, and cold pressed juices are the best way to achieve this. One bottle of cold pressed juice provides half the daily recommended intake of fruit and veggies.

With pressed juices flooding the market, Superfluid has a raft of points of difference to make it stand out proudly in the health and wellness crowd. Founder Tracey Lester has fostered a passion for integrated, natural and alternative medicines for the past 25 years. Superfluid has been created in conjunction with a board of health professionals, featuring an integrated medical doctor who specialises in functional food and medicine, a traditional Chinese doctor, an Ayurvedic doctor and a food nutritional scientist. Superfluid juices are also enriched with adaptogenic herbs, compounds that promote balance and 'adapt' themselves to address the greatest stress demands on the body. And while some pressed juices can sometimes be unpalatable, Superfluid products have been crafted under the guidance of chef Tristan Newman (Cutler & Co, Cumulus, Tetsuya’s) who understands tastes, flavours, flavour profiles and balance - resulting in a range of juice and mylks that are both delicious and functional.

They can have a positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition, and potentially play a role in reducing or minimising the risk of health related issues.  

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