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Tasting notes: With no sugary fruits, this juice relies on the natural sweetness of red capsicum and beets. doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil brings all the vegetable flavours together with a finish of caynenne pepper to add some heat.


A root juice with a difference, Hot Root combines carrot and beetroot with red capsicum, cayenne pepper and wild pepper oil for a mild, spicy kick. This balances out the sweetness of the root veggies and adds another layer of flavour to a delicious juice reminiscent of eating a well-balanced meal.

Beetroot is known to boost endurance and physical performance, increase muscle strength, maintain a healthy weight, support the liver, aid in detoxification and help lower blood pressure. Beetroot is a high source of vitamin C, but red capsicum is one of the highest sources of vitamin C, so this juice provides more than the daily recommended intake. Not only is a large amount of vitamin C good for your immune system, it’s also great for your skin, skin subtleness and warding off wrinkles! This, along with the carotenoids found in bell peppers, improves the health of your skin and promotes collagen production. Carotenoids also boost the immune system by helping it defend the body against free radicals, harmful bacteria, viruses and inflammation


Both capsicum and carrots contain nutrients which are essential for eye health, and high levels of beta-carotene which help with skin and skin repair to keep you looking good.

Just like beetroot, red capsicum and cayenne pepper can both assist in weight loss because they contain capsaicin - this induces thermogenesis, a heating up in the body responsible for increasing the metabolic rate.

Capsicum is also beneficial in maintaining prime cognitive health and is one of the best brain foods. It also has a high presence of vitamin B6, which increases the levels of serotonin and norepinephrine, sometimes referred to as the “happy hormones”. High levels of these hormones are associated with improved mood, higher energy levels and improved concentration.