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Tasting notes: The combination of yogurt and mango gives this mylk a smoothie-like texture, making it ideal for breakfast. The rich creaminess, together with floral spices, allows it to be creamy and refreshing all at once.

This is one of our signature mylks and is our take on the mango lassi.  It’s a unique combination of mango, almond mylk and fermented coconut yogurt which gives it a distinctive tangy flavour unlike any nut mylk you’ve tried before. It’s packed full of turmeric, black pepper, cardamom and vanilla to give it an Indian lassi style vibe.

Yogurt is full of probiotics which benefit gut health. When the microbiome in our bodies gets this injection of good bacteria it helps to increase overall health, and coconut yogurt is particularly good for boosting brain function and cognition. The good fats found in coconut yogurt may boost energy production in the body, speed up metabolism, help control weight, assist in belly fat reduction and boost immunity. 

The turmeric and vanilla in this mylk is perfect for fighting any type of inflammation in the body - from a sinus/hayfever problem or a cold/sore throat, to aching joints. Turmeric can also help with fighting depression, act as a pain killer, assist in getting a sound night’s sleep, and along with cardamon it can aid digestion. Cardamon, vanilla and mangoes may all be good libido boosters.


Besides having more than 20 different vitamins and minerals, mangoes contain flavonoids such as betacarotene, alphacarotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin which help vitamin A to impart antioxidant strength and vision-protecting properties, maintaining healthy mucous membranes and skin.

Considered one of the greatest brain foods, mangoes also have abundant quantities of vitamin B6 which is vital for maintaining and improving brain function, helping to support a healthy mood and healthy sleeping patterns.

Mangoes are also rich in iron and contain high amounts of vitamin A and C which help to produce collagen proteins inside the body. Their digestive enzymes can help to promote natural, efficient digestion, and their vitamin E content can even trigger the activity of sex hormones, helping to boost your sex life.