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Day 1, 2 and 3 vary in their juice and mylk combinations (days 4 and 5 etc repeat the first 3 days). This ensures your body receives all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, good fats, protiens and enzymes it requires. It also guarantees to keep your motivation levels up as you experience a range of delicious gourmet flavours, taste and texture sensations. 

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Day One

Morning Glory
Easy tiger
Vedic Yogi
Fire Me Up
Moving On Out
Blue Lagoon
Spice it Up


Day Two

Good Dew Dew
Easy Tiger
Vedic Yogi
Hot Root
Fire Me Up
Liquid Gold
Choccy Milk


Day Three

Easy Tiger
Movin On Out
Blue lagoon
Good Dew Dew
Babe Juice
Spice it Up
Choccy Mylk

Day 4
Day 1 repeated

Day 5
Day 2 repeated

Day 6
Day 3 repeated

Day 7
Day 1 repeated

Superfluid Me
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